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Cross the Line

November is one of those in-between months like October and March in which you never really know how the weather is going to be because every day it changes. So when Cross the Line contacted me asking if I could check out their blog for a possible collaboration I decided this could be a great way to learn about some new fashion designers and see they’re view on dressing for the Fall weather.

Cross the Line is a brand new Asian fashion designer platform, launched last August, which promotes up-and-coming Asian designers from areas such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. It’s a platform created to exhibit the designers’ pieces and the stories behind them. So far, they’ve partnered with 14 designers (seven from Hong Kong and seven from Taiwan.)

I was very intrigued by their website. Cross the Linein fact, it  was created to promote the Asian fashion talent and showcase the history behind every piece created by the designers. The name Cross the Line was chosen following this simple philosophy:

Cross (verb): To move, pass or extend from one side to the other.

The Line (noun): a boundary, a restriction, a rule.

Cross the Line (idiom): To overstep a boundary, rule or limit.

Cross the Line is a platform created for talents to share their work regardless of nationality, gender, age, etc.

The platform also features a different inspiration theme every month, Frozen Floral in August, Black and White in October and for November they chose the Art x Coffee x Fashion theme.

While browsing through the different clothing pieces, I found that there were a couple that caught my attention more than the others. In particular I really liked 112 Mountainyam.  This line was created in 2011 by Mountain Yam, who won the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest in 2010. Yam designs pieces that remind of freedom for the strong, sophisticated and independent woman he envisions. In 2013 he expanded his line to Paris and the Netherlands.

Cross the line

These are three of the pieces I like the most, right now I’m really loving the midi skirt and lace is one of my favourite fabrics to use, since it’s so classy and feminine, it just gives out an idea of effortless elegance. I also love the black and white combo, so the bomber jacket and blouse are definitely two items I would go for!

I also like the accessories showcased on the site by designer June Cheung for her line Project JunessFounded in 2013, Project Juness doesn’t follow any specific style, what the line focuses on is keeping up the high standards and quality of the pieces, by using sophisticated and unique materials. And another bonus is that Cheung makes every single piece of her collection herself!

cross the line

All the jewellery are handmade and it is very noticeable because of the details and the interlaced designs. Black, white, gold and silver and the main colours of this collection.

These are my two designers of choice this month, which are yours? There are many more designers featured and all full of talent on the website, check them out and then tell me: What are your favourite pieces showcased?


For more information on Cross the Line visit the website:








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