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Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop 223

Happy Thursday friends! This week my favourite thing is not something you can touch.

My favourite thing is in fact positivity. I’ve had a really hard time feeling serene for the past couple of weeks, built-up stress and worries have made me become a complete nutcase and as my mother says a super B….! (jokingly and sometimes I think not so much) but this week I decided that things ought to change, that I can’t keep feeling stuck in a rut and not myself for some stupid reasons. So I decided to start thinking positively, well my motto here is “fake it till you make it” and see if a positive mind frame can actually change not only my mood, but the way I look at the world as well. 

And guess what? It does work. A very simple example would be the way people react when you act in a certain way. This happens to me a lot when I’m at work: If I keep a constant smile on my face, people not only naturally smile back, but they also keep eye contact for a little longer than if they weren’t being acknowledged.

What am I getting at? Simply I want all of us to keep in mind that if we send out positive vibes, good energy, that kind of energy will come back to us. 

I would like to thank my dear cousin and friend Nadia for all the tips she gives me on staying positive and loving myself. She’s one of the women in my life who inspires me to be a better person with her big heart and loving manners. 


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