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End of the week Christmas holidays Links!

end of the week christmas holiday links

For my end of the week links post this week I’ve decided to link a few dessert and drink recipes perfect to make just in time for the holiday parties! From chocolate cookies, to my all-time-favourite coconut delight, you’ll be enjoying some pretty amazing sweets and so will your friends and family. 😉

So let’s begin this sweet session! End of the week Christmas holidays Links!


Healthy Almond Chocolate Bars by What Erika Wears

This is my own Christmas, healthy, cookie recipe. I love how sweet and tasty it is and knowing that it’s not too bad for me. I added oats, dark chocolate and almonds to the mix and they came out very good! All I can say is that I’m very proud of this recipe.

Healthy chocolate almond bars

by What Erika Wears

Peppermint red velvet cake roll by The Kitchn 

This dessert really does scream Christmas! Red and white are definitely two of the holidays’ most used and beloved colours. White is the colour of snow and red of Santa Claus’ uniform.  Almost every single person I know loves red velvet, in any possible form, this is why a red velvet cake roll is something to try over the holidays.

end of the week links

Image via The Kitchn

Raspberry Almond Shortbread Thumbprint cookies by Cooking Classy

I love love love raspberries! My favourite sweet combination is raspberry and dark chocolate, but I also like almonds so when I stumbled upon this cookie recipe I thought I needed to share it with you guys! Shortbread is the perfect cookie for the holiday season, I would say shortbread is the king of desserts on Christmas. In my house I’m used to having shortbread on the table during the Christmas festivities and if it’s not there.. well, it hasn’t happened yet, so we won’t bring up non existent problems. Check this shortbread recipe and let me know what you think!

end of the week christmas links

Image via Cooking Classy

Gluten Free Spicy Christmas Cookies dipped in Dark Chocolate by A Tasty Love Story

These cookies are not only very pretty to look at, but they’re probably really tasty as well. Josephene, the mind behind the blog, baked these cookies making them a healthier choice for those of us who’d like to keep the Christmas sweets on a lighter note. They’re spicy and sweet at the same time and she also uses coconut sugar and dark chocolate, two healthier options (I couldn’t pass on this recipe without linking it up today! dark chocolate and coconut are the key words that sealed the deal for me!)

end of the week christmas holidays links

images via A Tasty Love Story

Easy Tiramisu by An Italian in my Kitchen

I love tiramisu. Simply one of the best and easiest desserts to make. Anyone who tries it for the first time can’t help, but fall in love with it. I remember how a few years ago I made one for my Canadian friends who had never heard of it and after that day, they keep telling me to make it for them. That just lets you understand how delicious it is. This tiramisu recipe is easier than most, the only difficult part is probably cutting the pieces of cake into stars (all you need is star-shaped cookie cutters.)

Images via

Images via An Italian in my Kitchen

Pomegranate Cranberry Sparkler by Style Me Pretty

To enjoy your desserts you always need a good drink accompanying it, so here is a delicious Drink made with pomegranate and cranberries mixed in with one of my favourites: Champagne! Cheers!

Image via Style me pretty

Image via Style me Pretty

Banana Coconut Vegan Nog by Hello Natural

Anything that has coconut in it is a must-try for me! I love the smell of coconut, the taste of coconut water, anything actually that calls for coconut. This is why this drink is in my list! The holidays are now complete with it!

Images via Hello Natural

Images via Hello Natural



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