What Erika Wears’ Life Updates In a Nutshell

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Lately Life’s been a little hectic, between quitting my job, packing my suitcase and getting ready for a big move I haven’t really had time to focus on What Erika Wears that much. 

I realize that the first paragraph of this What Erika Wears’s Life Updates in a nutshell post might not make much sense to you, especially the packing the moving, but I decided that it was time to tell you guys that I’m moving to Montreal for a few weeks to attend training school as a flight attendant. Obviously it’s still too early to tell if I will become a full flight attendant, but for now I’m excited to be able to be apart of that lucky small group who can say they made it through the first round of interviews and into the actual training session. 

My last day at work was pretty emotional, I made great friends and I’ll miss all my co-workers. Thankfully we now live in a world where Social Media exists and we can still keep in touch!  


Last day at work!! ???? such a sweet present from my manager

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This is the sweet present I got as farewell for my departure.

As per my last days in Toronto, I got to visit an animal sanctuary called Dog Tales where dogs, and farm animals can leave peacefully. While the farm animals, saved by slaughterhouses are able to live the rest of their lives in this peaceful sanctuary made just for them, the dogs, taken off the streets and from a life of wandering are taken care in the Dog Tales facilities and trained by professionals to be reintroduced to the public. People looking for a new pet friend can go see the dogs and if they see one dog they get in sink with can adopt them. It’s a beautiful way of giving these dogs a new, fulfilling and loving life. 



Meet my new friend Moumou ? he lives at @dogtalesrescue ??

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I went to the sanctuary with my cousin yesterday and although it wasn’t the most beautiful day to walk around the area, since it was rainy and cold, we had a wonderful time seeing how all these animals are well treated and looked after by the employees and volunteers of the facility.


“There’s much we can learn from a friend who happens to be a horse.”

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We also had the chance to admire the newest addition to the Dog Tales family: this beautiful foal called Haven. 

Seeing these beautiful animals was an amazing way to spend my last weekend in Toronto before closing a beautiful, long chapter and opening a new one in my life. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and I wish you all a great week ahead!

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