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Feeling Bordeaux

There are moments when you feel so in love with the world that you don’t even know who your love is directed to.  You just can’t help but to feel happy and at peace with yourself. This is a feeling I develop when Spring comes along, when you wake up at the crack of dawn and you smell the scent of jasmine flowers as soon as you step out of the door, when you heard the birds chirping and you feel the crisp, fresh, morning air on your skin.  

When moments like these hit me all I want to do is be the best person I can be, positive and helpful.

Being in love doesn’t always mean feeling something for another person, sometimes it is just a feeling, a moment of intense love that hits you, it’s a general feeling that I can’t describe, but it’s strong enough that I can associate it to a colour, the colour bordeaux. It’s a darker shade of red.  While red is a strong colour and symbolizes passion and anger, bordeaux is a mixture of brown and purple. It’s a hybrid and it was created uniting different shades together. To me feeling bordeaux means connecting different shades of love into one, just like the colour itself. 

Feeling bordeauxFeeling bordeauxFeeling bordeauxFeeling bordeaux Feeling bordeaux Feeling bordeaux

Dress: Dynamite or here

Shoes: Similar here

Clutch: AVON

Rose ring handmade: Similar here

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