How to fight Nostalgia this Holiday Season

Shortbread cookies for Christmas

I’ve been back in Toronto for three months now and they have been filled with busy busy days. So many things have happened. I have a new job, I have made new friends, I have volunteered at Toronto Fashion Week and attended some of the shows as a Fashion Blogger for etc.

But with the Holidays approaching, colourful lights, decorations and Christmas music in full swing, I have been a bit caught in my own bubble of nostalgia. How do you snap out of it? It’s not that easy, but I have a few tips that could make these holidays happier and more relaxed for your own well-being. 

1. Get on the Christmas spirit band wagon

Start decorating your home. A Christmas tree, lights, decorations and Christmas music can really help you get in the mood and stop thinking about what you can’t have at the moment. You know the saying: fake it till you make it? I believe in it 100%.


I love Christmas trees ?#Toronto knows how to decorate their trees that’s for sure!

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    2. Bake delicious Christmas cookies Cooking is probably one of my biggest weaknesses. Not because I am really bad at it, it’s just that I don’t like cooking at all. But baking, oh baking actually has the complete opposite effect on me. While I’m baking I can relax, listen to some music and know that I’m creating something with my own hands to make the people I love happy. Yes, baking, especially during this time of the year is a very important step to getting into that holiday spirit I love. I love to bake cookies and give some sweetness to the people I love.


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 3. Spend time with your friends if family is not close by

I know we are all super busy with work, school, boyfriends, girlfriends and life in general, but finding the time to spend some precious moments with your friends will make you feel happier and you’ll be creating new and beautiful memories that will help you feel less nostalgic during the holiday season.


#tbt to this fun night spent with friends ?

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    4. Skype was created for a reason   Skype was created to keep us in touch with people all around the world, just like Facebook, and Whats App. Whenever I can I use Skype to talk to my family and friends back in Italy and what a great invention this one was! As soon as we start talking and we turn on the camera it feels as if I never left and we’re meeting up for a coffee, the only difference is that my coffee is Canadian and theirs is probably an espresso.  


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5. Make arrangements to go and visit your family in the New Year

Don’t forget that you can aways make arrangements to go back and visit! Although you might be busy at the moment with work, as soon as you have the opportunity book that ticket and go see them, even if it is for a quick visit. Enjoy every moment and don’t forget to live in the present. 



View from the plane! ?

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Happy Holidays! 

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