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It’s patio season! Five patios perfect for Summer in Toronto

the best patios in toronto

It’s finally patio season! 

Torontonians are very picky when it comes to deciding where to go to have a drink. I get it, there are so many options but not all of them will be right!

After all you live and learn right? So here is my list of five patios. Some of them I’ve already tried, I love and keep going back to them whenever I can, others I haven’t had the chance to go yet but they’re definitely on my list! Maybe you’ve already been so you can tell what you think of them!

It’s patio season! Five patios perfect for Summer in Toronto

  • The Pilot  I went to the Pilot for the first time last week and it has definitely become one of my favourite places! They have a rooftop patio and let’s be honest, nothing compares to a rooftop patio! It’s called flight deck and as a flight attendant I can tell you that was really cute especially since I was out with another flight attendant friend. We had a glass of wine and the California salad. The portions are very generous and prices are reasonable.

the best patios in toronto

  • Café Diplomatico It’s located in the heart of Little Italy aka College Street. I’ve known about this restaurant/Pizzeria for a long time. A friend of mine kept telling me how amazing their pizzas were and how every Summer she likes to go there and enjoy a beer on the patio. I became so curious that one day we decided to go and since then it really has become one of the best places to meet up with friends in the Summer. The food is great, as an Italian living in Toronto I can sometimes be very picky about food so trust me on this one, and you can definitely enjoy a delicious sangria on any hot day.

    Out and about ???

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  • Burdock Famous for its house-brewed beer, it’s located in the Bloor West area and although I have yet to go there, I have heard many good things about it. So I guess you’ll be waiting for my next review? 

    • Bellwoods Brewery  This is a place I keep passing by on my regular errands and I always think that one of these days I’ll find the time to go. The patio is small and cozy, with lights hanging from above. It’s always crowded and full of life. I keep telling myself, one of these days I will go..

When Toronto gives you patio weather in October, you sieze the day. #bellwoodsstreetview

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  • Brassaii I went to Brassaii twice and both times I had a great time! They often have events. I went twice for brunch to celebrate  my friends’ birthdays and right after brunch the place transforms in a club. I haven’t had the pleasure of sitting on the patio yet so I guess I will have to go a third time! 
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