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Invest in yourself

It’s been a while since I last posted on this blog. A lot has changed since February. 

I’m now back in Toronto. 

I know, it seems like I almost can’t make a decision and stay in one place for more than a year, well, at this point even staying just one year in the same place seems difficult, but what can a turbulent soul do if not keep searching for.. for what though? Their permanent home? a spot where they can finally find that feeling of wholeness and happiness? 

My question now is: Do we ever find that feeling of completeness? And if one does, how does he accomplish it? 

Do you really need to detach yourself from every materialistic desire and live your life “day by day?”

I’ve travelled quite a bit this past year and I’ve seen happy people and miserable people. Friends with completely different personalities who subject to a change in their plan react in very different ways. I’ve seen people one moment laugh and treat you as a friend and the next one freeze you with their glaring eyes because of something completely out of your control. 

These people looked happy, but they weren’t.

Most of them have homes, have families, but sometimes not even that makes them happy, and then you see the backpacker, the traveller who doesn’t ask for anything, who’s satisfied knowing that he will soon be visiting that city he always wanted to live in and maybe in this new, globalised world we live in, he’ll soon be able to. The one who lives out of his suitcase and goes back to see his family once or twice a year. The one who keeps moving from city to city trying to figure out what it really is that he was meant to do in this life, because deep inside of him he knows there’s something more, something bigger he needs to be doing and maybe one day, job after job, city after city, apartment after apartment, he’ll find it and he’ll finally stop packing his bag. 


On the model: Bodysuit: similar here, Shorts: H&M, shoes: Courage My Love, Vintage boutique, Vest: Vintage Depot

Invest Invest Invest Invest Invest Invest Invest

Model: Christina Cauz
Styling and Photography: Erika Marucci/ Whaterikawears


More info: Email me to be part of my Model for a Day campaign. 

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