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Kate Spade: The Monogram Shop

What?! This is the best news I’ve heard so far this week! 

As you all may know by now, I am deeply fond of the brand Kate Spade New York, so when I got this email in my inbox from Kate Spade telling me that there is a new feature on the site that allows you to add monograms on your next purchase I was thrilled and ready to do some online shopping! 😉 

You can add a personalized monogram for an additional $5,00 on the final purchase price. NO returns or exchanges are allowed, but who would want to change it when you have have already found your dream bag and made it officially yours by adding your own personal initials? 

I love this new feature and I am definitely going to take advantage of it in the near future!

What do you think of it? 

Below you’ll find some of the options the brand allows monograms on.

Ps: By clicking on the image you will be taken to the official site. A way for you to start your shopping spree right away! You’re very welcome! 😉 

kate spade: the monogram shop

Cedar Street Medium Harmony

Kate Spade The monogram shop

Cedar Street Maise

Kate Spade The monogram shop

Cedar Street Monday

Kate Spade the monogram shop

Cedar Street Lacey



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