Last-minute beauty gifts for Mother’s Day

In a couple of days, Sunday, May 10, to be exact, will be a very special day dedicated to the most amazing women in the world: our mother’s. These women are always watching over our shoulders, helping us, their children, to become the best people we can be. They don’t ask for anything in return, but when Mother’s Day comes around we all know that even though they say they don’t need anything and don’t want any presents, they actually wish the opposite. After all, who in the world wouldn’t like to receive a gift on their special day? 

Mom’s usually put their family before them and don’t take care of themselves as much as they would like, so this year I am working on finding something special for my mom in the beauty department, and since we all know how much of a procrastinator I am, I obviously waited for the last couple of days to start my search for the best gift!

last minute beauty products for Mother's Day

Last- minute beauty gifts for Mother’s Day:

1: Bath and Body. Is there a better way to relax than being surrounded by bubbles? Being a mother is a full-time job and the best way to thank her for everything she does for us every single day is giving her that hour of relaxation she deserves. The Laura Mercier, almond coconut Honey bath is exactly what she needs to forget about her chores and duties for a while.

2: Skin Care. When faced with so many tasks every day, a mom doesn’t have that much time to think about make-up products and some new skin care oils, this is why, when Mother’s day comes around, it’s a good idea to get her a product she would never buy for herself. Skin care is an important part of a woman’s daily routine so why not buy her a product she has been eyeing for a while? Fresh has a great variety of skin care products. Have you tried the Rose Hydrating Face serum? Benefit has also some interesting products and even they’re packages are so well done that it’s hard to throw them away!  If your mom hasn’t been getting enough sleep these days, give this It’s potent! Eye cream a look! 

3: Fragrances. Some women like their perfumes. Although I think that at my age it’s still a little too early to become a mother, I know a few of my friends have already taken that path and are now young mothers. A perfume is a great gift for a young mother in my opinion. This Chloè eau de parfum is a fresh and floral fragrance, and now you can find natural perfumes for women who are a bit more sensitive to smell like The 7 Virtues a Canadian brand based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

So what are you going to get your mother this year? 

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