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Saturday morning in Port Perry

This morning my mom, my cousin and I decided to go spend the morning walking around a nice, little town called Port Perry , located in Scugog Township and is just about two hours away from Toronto. The weather was lovely and we went in every single boutique on the main street of the town because every store looked so interesting from the outside.

9500 people live in Port Perry and many of them commute every day from the town all the way to Toronto for work. This lovely town is known to attract tourists for its Victorian-like style and its many lovely shops, cafes and restaurants located so close to the lake. If you go to Port Perry on Saturdays morning don’t forget to check out the little farmers market that locals set up right in front of the lake. There was a stand dedicated to photographs that a lady took herself all around the world and other stands selling organic coffee, fresh vegetables, handmade jewellery and other products.

Since it was supposed to be a very hot today, I decided to wear my new romper I bought at Costa Blanca and since I knew we were going to walk quite a bit I decided to wear my favourite pair of pink sneakers. I’m not a running-shoes-kind-of-girl, but these ones are just the right kind of sneakers I would wear.

The view of the lake from the town was beautiful and there were even people sitting on the dock and fishing, while kids were playing in the little park right in front of the water.

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Romper: similar here

Sneakers: Le coq sportif

Bag: Kate Spade

Sunglasses: Toms

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