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Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop #225

Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

Brr.. This is all I can say this week. I thought the Winter was on its way, but unfortunately I was wrong, the cold is back and so is the snow.

This weather is definitely not my favourite thing of the week. If I have to be completely honest with you, this week hasn’t been very eventful, in fact I’ve spent my days working and trying to catch up on the blog which nowadays seems like an impossible mission to accomplish. And frankly I have come to the conclusion that I’ll never be happy if I keep telling myself that what I do is never enough, so I’ve decided to take a new approach and take my blogging day by day. 

Blogging these days seems to be what everyone wants to do, but for me, I want it to be a place where I can go and write what I want, share my thoughts, my feelings, my life and I want it to be about the people and the things I love. I want it to be organic and I want it to let it flourish naturally.

I want this year to be the year of a more relaxed Erika, still focused on her goals, but more down to earth and more confident. Where am I trying to get with all this? Simply that my favourite thing this week is time. Time that I want to use to focus on myself and on the people that I love and that care about me and time that I want to spend focusing on my passions. And finally the time that I want to spend simply breathing in and out. 


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Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop

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