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1 Day Cleanse with Greenhouse Juice

1 Day Cleanse with Greenhouse Juice

I like to be as honest as I possibly can on my blog and for this reason I’ve decided to write this post today.

1 Day Cleanse with Greenhouse Juice

For the past month I haven’t been feeling too well, physically nor mentally, anxiety and stress have been my roommates for way too long! So yesterday I decided to try something different, a cleanse. I thought that maybe a cleanse would clear not only my system, but also my mind, so I started looking online for a juice cleanse that I could do and that’s how I found Greenhouse Juice.

1 Day Cleanse with Greenhouse Juice

As I checked out their website I found the cleanse page in which they list the three different cleanses you can try. They have a gentle cleanse, a standard cleanse and a green cleanse. By their names you’ll quickly realize that the first one is the easiest one and the last one is the “hard core” one.

I decided to try the intermediate one. The standard cleanse.

You can choose if you want to do a 1 day, a 2 day or a 3 day cleanse and I decided to try doing it for one day since it was my first time.

1 Day Cleanse with Greenhouse Juice

I have to admit, this was a difficult challenge for me! I love juices and I don’t have a problem swapping a meal for one of those greens in a bottle, but for some reason this time all I could do was think of food! 

One juice that helped me stop the craving for a while was the almond milk that you can sip throughout the day. It’s sweet and dense enough that it makes you forget for a little while about not having any solid food in your body. 

The first juice I drank was the Spicy Lemonade and the name perfectly describes the drink. It tastes like lemonade with a spicy undertone. The second one, mid morning was the Gatsby, a mix of cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, ginger and lemon. That was one of my favourite juices! The perfect green juice for me!

Next up, late morning was the E3 Live Booster, a 33 ml bottle that I took as a shot because, my friends, that one was an intense concentrate of Aphanizomenon, Flos-Aquae (AFA) and Filtered Water! 

My mid Afternoon juice was the Good. Another green juice this time made with Cucumber, spinach, romaine, celery, lemon and Himalayan salt. This juice was a little harder for me to drink. I’m not a fan of lemon and that made me take a bit more time to finish it.

After the Good, it was time for another shot: YYZ. Made with Orange, Turmeric, Ginger and Camu Camu.

For dinner I had another one of my favourite juices, Deep Roots, made with apple, carrot, beet, celery and lemon. Anytime I need a boost, I know that a beet juice will help me out!

And last, but not least was the Chia Seed Hydrator. A combination of Filtered Water, Organic Chia Seeds, and Organic Cold-Pressed Lemon. The perfect way to finish the day feeling perfectly hydrated.

1 Day Cleanse with Greenhouse Juice

I loved trying out this cleanse and even though I probably won’t go for it anytime soon, since I become hangry if I don’t eat. I will definitely keep ordering my juices from the Greenhouse Juice Co.

I like trying out new things and this was a good experiment. If you’re in the Toronto area you should definitely check the Greenhouse Juice Co. out! They deliver to your house! 

Have you ever tried doing a juice cleanse? What do you think of cleanses? 

1 Day Cleanse with Greenhouse Juice1 Day Cleanse with Greenhouse Juice1 Day Cleanse with Greenhouse Juice

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