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How to keep up with a fitness routine

How to make everyday count

Lately I’ve been trying to adhere to a fitness routine more than ever. Maybe for the upcoming trip to Hawaii that we have planned for my friend’s birthday or maybe just because I’m in that phase.

How to keep up with a fitness routine

I used to do kickboxing last year and I really loved it. A lot of the stress that I had I was able to shed away through punches and kicks, but since moving back to Toronto I haven’t been able to find one close to my area, so I started going to a regular gym instead. I try to go when I have days off from work because I don’t want to lose all the progress I’ve made in the last few months.

Sometimes, just like anyone else, I don’t want to get out of bed and go to the gym, but I noticed that I just need to get that first leg out of the blankets to make me feel empowered to go. I also find that going to the gym first thing in the morning helps me jumpstart my day and getting the workout done gives me more energy to do more activities during the day.

I definitely feel tired by the time 9 pm comes around, but I also know that it’s a good kind of tired.

A healthy fitness routine is not only about working out, it’s also about what you decide to feed your body. Since we’re in full Holiday Season, it’s becoming a bit difficult to stay away from all the sugar and the carbs, but being healthy means being able to balance the healthy and the not so healthy. 

To help me out with my fitness journey, I’ve started drinking SuperHuman Strength Nourish protein powder.

It’s a vegan protein supplement, with a pea protein base and a blend of organic greens and fruits. It has a vanilla taste which I was really happy about and you can either drink it mixed in a smoothie, in a recipe or just like me, after a workout by adding some water and shaking it together. 

I have found that it helps me especially after a workout when I get back home and I get a little bit hungry, I can quickly drink a glass of the Nourish and feel better. 

How to make everyday count

SuperHuman Strength is a Canadian supplement company Co-founded by the Strength Coach for the Vancouver Canucks, Bryan Marshall. What I really like about the SuperHuman Strength line is that it can be used not only by pro athletes, but also by everyday people. Yogis, gym goers, joggers, we all need to recover after a good sweat session and what better way than drinking all those nutrients back? After my workouts I usually drink the Nourish as I relax for a moment and think about what I am going to be doing for the rest of the day. 

It’s really becoming part of my daily routine and I’ll be also taking with me on my work trips.

How to make everyday count

SuperHuman Strenght has four different lines: Pure, 100% grass-fed whey protein, Pure, vegan protein, Nourish, vegan with greens, fruits and probiotics and Recovery, grass-fed whey isolate protein, carbohydrate and vitamin blend.


How to make everyday count How to make everyday count How to make everyday count

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