End of the week links

It’s Saturday boys and gals! This means that we can hang out with friends, go to parties and have some fun! It’s also time to say goodbye to another week and hello to the new one that brings us closer and closer to Christmas! This Saturday brings us a new post for End of the week links. Here’s a roundup of the coolest things that happened  this week and the best things to check out:

These girls really are crafty artists and DIY experts! In the link above, they show us how to make a simple, but pretty skirt for the Christmas tree. These skirts really are the perfect final accessory that you need for your tree and you can make them any way you want, just by setting your creativity free!

This article is an interesting read if you’re curious about how introverts feel and what is the best way to communicate with them.

A list of all the words we’ve learned to use this year. From one of our favourites “selfie” to “bae” we’ve all heard these words at least once thanks to social media.

This article caught my attention as soon as I read the headline. I think that anyone who really loves animals should read it, because only through a collective work we’ll be able to make a change and help those poor animals used as guinea pigs for our own beauty needs and likings.

End of the week links

The Holidays are close and this means that the New Year is also almost here. I know that to start the year as great as I can I want to change my hairstyle and the lob is a perfect option!



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