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Christmas gift ideas 2014

Christmas is right around the corner, and with the arrival of the cold, snow (in some parts of the world) and Christmas lights decorations lighting up the streets in the cities and towns, we are also going to start looking for some good Christmas gifts to buy for our loved ones. One of the best parts of Christmas is going to boutiques, independent stores and malls looking for the perfect gifts to get for my family and friends. I usually have an idea in mind before I go out hunting for them, but sometimes I find that even though you already have a good gift idea set for a specific person, that idea can be swept away by something better you have found while on your search for the perfect present.

Here are some gift ideas to inspire you a little this Christmas.

christmas gifts ideas

Christmas gift ideas 2014:

Jewellery Box: Kate Spade red jewellery box

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend right? so why not gift a girl we love with a nice box in which she can keep and cherish all of her jewellery pieces? I have my own jewellery box that I got as a gift and it’s filled with all the accessories I love the most. Believe me, it’s a great addition to your bedroom items especially if it’s a really pretty one like the Kate Spade one I showed you in the previous image.

Candles: Anthropology candles

Candles are another great present, especially for those women in our lives that enjoy interior decor or ones that are just about to move into a new place and want the area to feel as cozy and familiar as it possibly can. I find scented candles to also be a great relaxing tool, especially when you’ve been out the entire day, you come home tired and all you want to do is cozy up on your comfy couch. I find that Anthropology has very nice candles and if you’re looking for season scented ones. Bath & Body Works  and Yankee Candle are two great places to find the scents you’re looking for.

Journals: Kate Spade Journal

For friends or relatives who like to write and jot down a few personal thoughts in their free time. Journals with a nice looking cover are always the best to write in for how I see it, because they make me want to write on those white pages. Writing is always a great stress reliever. It’s therapeutic.

Books: How to dress for success book

A good book is also a perfect Christmas present for those book lovers we know. It can be any book, it all depends on their own likings. In the image on top I linked a fashion book, but as long as you know what your friend or family member likes you’ll be able to make them happy with a simple, but perfect book.

Fragrances: Victoria’s Secret Perfume 

A perfume is the first thing you notice about a person. You can notice a stranger on the street just by the perfume they’re wearing when they cross your path. I love floral and delicate fragrances, some people like stronger, citrusy scents. Just like books it all depends on the person’s preferences. Here I linked the Victoria’s Secret Scandalous Eau De Parfum.

Pyjamas: Victoria’s Secret Pjs

And to end our gift ideas post, here is the last inspiration item: Pyjamas. Pyjamas can be a great present, they’re cozy and warm and are ideal for relaxing holiday days and nights. Just imagine waking up with those Victoria’s Secret Pyjamas on on Christmas morning. Now, imagine the girl you give these to how great she’d feel in these. Yes, nice gift. We all need pyjamas after all, so why not get the best we can find?

christmas gift guide 2014

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