Last days in TO

This is going to be one difficult post to write. As you all know by now, I’m leaving this amazing city that is Toronto and going back to Rome for a while. I’m still not sure how long I will be staying in Italy, but for now I am saying goodbye to Canada.

I leave in two days and this past week I’ve been out meeting friends and relatives and saying my goodbyes. Today I had the pleasure to spend a great afternoon out with one of my closest friends here in Canada. We went for a walk downtown and we ended up buying macarons and enjoying those sweet pieces of heaven in a cute, little park in the Rosedale area. After eating our macarons we came to the conclusion that they are probably one of our favourite desserts now!


Macarons from Nadege Patisserie

Macarons from Nadege Patisserie

Thinking back to the three years spent in Toronto I can’t not be grateful to all the people that have helped me through this adventure and getting used to a whole new lifestyle. I’ve met some amazing people which I will always stay in touch with, and some that will probably not stay in my life, but I’m still glad I met because they taught me some lessons and gave me a chance to grow as a person. I also got to know a part of my family which I would have never been able to see too often if I hadn’t made the drastic decision to move overseas three years ago.

I’ve always made my own choices when it came to building my future and I have to thank my parents for the continuous support and the trust they put in me.

Writing this blog makes me realize that it’s now time to end another chapter in my life, turn the page and start writing a brand new one once I get back to Italy. Seeing my old friends back at home, my family, the house I grew up in and my pets makes me so happy, yet I cannot stop thinking about the ‘what ifs.’

‘What if’ I’m making the wrong choice? ‘what if’ I find everything to be completely different from what I remember? ‘what if’ I can’t get back to that lifestyle? these are the kind of doubts that I think everyone has when they are faced with the dilemma of making decisions for their own future. Life is full of those moments and as much scary as they can be, that’s what I think makes life interesting and worth living it for.

So thank you Toronto, I will be back very soon!

Surrounded by pumpkins during a typical Canadian fall

Surrounded by pumpkins during a typical Canadian fall


August 2013 back in Toronto


Enjoying the afternoon sun at Harbourfront, downtown Toronto


Enjoying my Starbucks latte the day of my 21st birthday

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