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Less Talk More Action

Less Talk More Action

There’s a saying in Italian: “tutto fumo e niente arrosto” which in English can be translated to “less talk more action.”

Less Talk more Action

I never wanted to be the person who just talked and talked about doing something and then never acted on it. I think now, the people closer to me know me well enough to know that I truly mean what I say.

So much so that the other day while I was talking to a friend about some exciting ideas/dreams that I had in mind for the future she immediately thought that I was going to put them in action right away. 

I’m the kind of person that gets easily excited about an idea or a plan and immediately has to talk about it to a friend or a family member to get a second opinion. I tried to slow down my mind, but it just made me even more eager to tell someone. I rely on a handful of people that I believe have my back and will always tell me sincerely what they think of my ideas. Sometimes I understand that they might be way too difficult to bring to life in the immediate present, but in my opinion it’s always good to ponder the pros and cons with someone else.

As I was saying, I dream big and sometimes those dreams when they actually do grow into reality they take me by surprise and then I have to talk about my shock in seeing them happen in real life even more. I can be quite obnoxious sometimes I have to admit, but I try to contain myself, I swear! 

Now, I am excited about going to Rome for a couple of weeks and spending some quality time with my family and friends, who I’ve actually been lucky enough to see quite often this Summer.

I will be posting more from Italy so stay tuned for some exciting new posts!


Less Talk More Action

Top: Maje, Jeans: H&M, Booties: Missguided

Less Talk More ActionLess Talk More ActionLess Talk More ActionLess Talk More ActionLess Talk More ActionLess Talk More Action

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