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My LA trip told through Instagram

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Los Angeles is one of those cities that everybody talks about and that you just need to go and see for yourself. It’s a big city and as people often suggest, you do, in fact, need a car if you want to see everything in a timely matter.

My LA trip told through Instagram

DAY 1: My friend and I decided to take a small vacation and to go explore LA in four days. I’m usually an avid planner and try to organize as much as I possibly can, but for this trip I wanted to try something different.

I wanted it to be a complete adventure and indeed it was!

So after settling into our hotel room and a quick outfit change, we decided to go to Santa Monica. We were hoping to find nice, warm weather in LA, but as it turned out, we chose the wrong days! It ended up being very windy and cold. Though it was still a beautiful view.

We took some good photos and ended up having dinner in an English pub, Ye Olde King’s Head, after stopping by H&M to buy a sweater since we were quickly becoming blocks of ice.

DAY 2: We decided to go see the Hollywood Walk of Fame and then we really wanted to see with our own eyes Melrose Avenue. It’s on this street that we shot those artsy photos that every blogger and person who uses Social Media and visits LA has to show on their Instagram page. 

I was very excited to see the famous Pink Wall and to look at all the clothing stores in the area.

Melrose Avenue is also where we found an amazing Mexican restaurant called Gracias Madre. The vibe of the restaurant was basically what we were imagining LA to be: Cool and laid back.


DAY 3: This is the day we finally went for the hike towards the Hollywood Sign. This was one activity I was really looking forward to. I love trying new workouts and especially outdoors activity, since the surroundings and the views are always different.

We started our hike around 9 a.m. and finished around 12 p.m. We took our time walking up because we kept stopping to take photos and take in the view that was breathtaking. 

When we finally got back down we were starving, so we decided to go have a light lunch and then we walked back to our hotel and decided to go out again in the evening.


DAY 4: Our flight was scheduled to leave at 10 p.m. so we decided to go site seeing  a little more before leaving LA. After checking out of the hotel, we went to see the urban lights and sat there for a while.

When we were finally ready to leave we decided to go have lunch at a caffè we saw on Melrose Avenue called Urth Caffè. I searched for it on Google Maps, but instead of finding that location we ended up going to Beverly Hills. It was a pleasant surprise for the both of us. We had been wanting to go, but there just didn’t seem to be enough time.

While on our way to the caffè, my friend lost her jacket, which was tied around her carry-on and unfortunately we didn’t notice it had fallen off until later. On the bright side she did see Jessica Alba, which made her feel a little better!

The caffè was very cute and a great choice for our last lunch in Los Angeles. I had the Urth Farmer’s Salad. So fresh and delicious, I can’t wait to go back and have it again! I highly recommend this caffè.

After lunch, we went for a walk around the area and when it was finally time to leave we took a bus to downtown LA and began our journey to the airport and back home.


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