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A day in Milano

A day in Milano

I wanted to write this post to share with you the amazing day I spent in Milano this week for the very first time thanks to my job, but as we all know by now, Italy is going through a tragic time right now because of the earthquake that killed at least 250 people and left many injured. I had just returned back to Canada when I heard the news. It hit me so hard and unexpectedly because I heard it first from my friends on Social Media. Then, I heard how deadly and powerful the earthquake was.

The first thing I did was get in touch with my family and friends to make sure that everything was alright. An event of these proportions never seems too real until it hits so close to home. I just wanted to acknowledge the event and send my love and thoughts to all the people who were directly involved in the earthquake as well as to thank all the volunteers and the professionals who are helping in this time of great need.

A day in Milano

On this note, I leave you with a few photos I took of the beautiful city of Milan which I took last Sunday.

It was a beautiful, sunny day and as soon as we got off the plane, my colleague and I decided to go check the city out. Oddly enough, I’ve never been to Milan, although I am Italian and lived in Italy most of my life, so this was the perfect opportunity to finally see the Duomo live and believe me, it is as majestic as people describe it to be. Luckily, being this the month of “ferie” which means vacation in Italian, many shops were closed and not many people were in the streets so that it made it easier for us to enjoy the view and walk around without having to push our way through. 

I spent only a day in Milan before having to hop back on the plane, but I can’t wait to go back and enjoy more of this beautiful city!

A day in MilanoA day in MilanoA day in MilanoA day in MilanoA day in Milano

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