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The best bags for Spring 2016

The best bags for Spring 2016

The best bags for Spring 2016 are colourful, pastel-filled, booming in florals and feminine. 

The best bags for Spring 2016

Courtesy of Clare V.

Here in Toronto Spring seems to be still far away, especially after the biggest snowstorm we experienced last Wednesday, but thankfully these bags remind me that warmer and sunnier days are just around the corner!

Working in the fashion industry has taught me some great things about style, but I’ve also come to the conclusion that no matter what people may think, fashion is about personality, your own personal style reflected in whatever you decide to wear. This is why even though there might be some rules that society has set in the fashion world, these boundaries are constantly crossed. 

Remember those days when your mother used to tell you that after Labour Day you weren’t allowed to wear white? Well, who says I can’t wear white? If I want I will wear it on Christmas day and be confused for a snowflake. 

But let’s get back to our handbags business.

Coach, Furla, Tory Burch and Clare V. are some of the brands that I have come to love the most. Coach has never been a brand I liked, I used to think it was too traditional and old style, but since Stuart Vever took over as the Executive Creative Director of Coach, the designs of the clothing lines and handbags have changed completely. He’s taken the brand on a new, reimagined and modernized route. 

Furla is the Italian brand I’ve come to love since I started working with it six months ago here in Toronto. Before then, I knew about the brand, but never really took in consideration their bags as much. I guess when you’re working so closely with a brand you either start to love it or hate it. 

Tory Burch is the epitome of elegance and class to me. I love the effortless and chic pieces she designs. Simplicity is key with her brand. 

Clare V. is an American brand with a youthful, energetic and feminine look. I love these bags, because you can dress them up or down according to the outfit you are wearing. My favourite is the Jeanne shoulder bag. 

What bags are you looking forward to wearing this Spring?

 The best bags for Spring 2016

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