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Handbags: Christmas Gifts for her

Handbags: Christmas Gifts for Her

Ahh after shoes what really makes me happy in this world would probably be owning the perfect handbag. 

Kenneth Cole said: “The average woman falls in love 7 times a year. Only 6 are with shoes.” He doesn’t say what the seventh love is, but I would suggest that it has to do with a handbag. 

When you don’t know what to get a woman you can ask a close friend of hers for some advice and suggestions on what she would like to receive under the Christmas tree. Handbags are always a good choice, be aware of what her style might be though, keep a close eye on what she usually wears, or if you are passing by a store and you see her stopping in front of a window eyeing something in particular, don’t let the chance slip away and keep in mind what the bag looks like for future reference if that was too much out of your budget.

Small handbags, cross bodies and bucket bags are always handy and usually smaller sizes are cheaper than bigger totes. Wristlets are also a good choice, especially for a night out. Women don’t usually wear a big handbag in the evening, this is why a wristlet such as the Marc by Marc Jacobs, which you can find in the list of bags I created below, is the perfect choice and size. 

Also, always remember to get a gift certificate printed out so in case she doesn’t love the bag, she can take it back and exchange it for something else. 

Handbags are the perfect Christmas gift for those fashionistas you know and love.

Handbags: Christmas Gifts for Her

1. Furla – Metropolis Crossbody Onyx

2. DVF – 440 Gallery Bellini Crazy Stud Crossbody Bag


3. Ralph Lauren – Leather Drawstring Tote


4. Loeffler Randall – Flap Bucket

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs – Alice Two Way Wingman Wristlet

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