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5 cafés to try in Rome

5 cafés to try in Rome

When in Rome do as the Romans do. This is what the saying says, so why not follow these wide words and go sip that hot espresso you’ve been dying to have since you got to the eternal city?

I recently found out that the right way to drink an espresso is in a hot coffee mug made of porcelain. Who knew that??

Bar Pompi: Pompi is probably the most famous and loved cafeteria in Rome, this Coffe shop/pastry shop is famous for their amazing tiramisù cakes, but as good Italians, the owners know that where there’s a dessert to be served there needs to be a good cup of espresso to go along. 

Where to find it?  via Albalonga 7b-9-11 

5 cafés to try in Rome

Image via Bar Pompi

Bar Sant’Eustachio: Situated in front of the Senate and just a few steps away from the Pantheon, this coffee shop was created in 1938 and is known for its special secret blend that makes drinking the coffee an amazing experience. Their coffee has become so loved that they even sell the coffee grounds to the public so they can make it at home. 

Where to find it? Piazza Sant’Eustachio, 82, 00186, Rome

Antico Caffè Greco: Located near the Spanish Steps, Antico Caffè Greco is one of the oldest cafés in Italy. This coffee shop was officially licensed in 1760 but it was probably opened before that year. This café was not a simple coffee shop in the past, in fact, it was a meet-up location for famous artists, writers, philosophers and intellectuals. Keats, Shelley and Byron were amongst the famous people who stepped into the Greco. 

Where to find it? Via Condotti, 86

5 cafés to try in Rome

Ciampini RomaThis coffee shop is not just that, in fact, they’re also known in the city for their ice cream and aperitifs. Born in 1941 in the heart of Rome, in Piazza Navona, it is now located in Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina. This cafè keeps up the Italian traditions and in 2000 it was recognised by the Time International as the “Best café in town.”

Where to find it? Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina, 29

5 cafés to try in Rome

Image via Caffè Ciampini

Terrazza BarberiniIs a café, pastry shop, restaurant and pizzeria. On the first floor you’ll find the coffee shop and pastry shop while on the second floor, where the terrace is and which gives the name to the shop, you’ll find the restaurant. Although it’s located downtown Rome, Terrazza Barberini makes the best pastries and coffees typical of the Neapolitan tradition. 

Where to find it? Via Barberini, 16

5 cafés to try in Rome

Image “Espresso Lifescycle” courtesy of Thomas

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