5 Maxi Dresses to love

Summer to me equals to hot, sunny days spent at the beach, to nights out with friends talking outside the patio of cafes and to maxi dresses.

Many petite girls might fear the idea of wearing a maxi dress because they think it accentuates their petite height, but in reality, these long dresses do the opposite. In fact, it makes girls look taller than they actually are and for a girl of my height it’s definitely not a fashion piece to let pass by. 

Here is a roundup of five of the cutest maxi dresses I found from my search on the web and you might wonder why I am talking about Summer already when Spring has just began. You are absolutely right, but here in Rome, the weather has been so nice that today, when I went outside to help my father do some work, I burned myself! Yes, you read it correctly, I burned myself with the April sun and I even put on sunscreen… 

Anyways, on to the five maxi dresses:

1. Paisley Chiffon DressMango

This dress might not seem a real maxi dress, but it could definitely pass by for one. Mango is a great brand that I didn’t really know much about until I came back to Italy last August. This dress has a side slit and long sleeves, it’s see-through but has an additional short, black dress underneath. 

5 maxi dress to love/

2. Long Lace SkirtH&M

Although it’s not a maxi dress, a long skirt and a top can be confused for a maxi dress if paired well. This H&M lace skirt is perfect for a night out during those hot summer nights when all you want to do is stay cool and feel comfortable.

3. Trapeze Hem Maxi DressExpress

For those looking for a not-too-maxi maxi dress, a shorter and flirtier dress might be the right choice. This Express maxi dress has a handkerchief hem and a trapeze shape giving it a more glamorous and sophisticated touch. 

4. Wanderlust Maxi DressLOFT 

For the more colourful souls amongst us, here is a beautiful sleeveless maxi dress with removable belt. 

 5 Maxi Dresses to love/

5. Maxi Dress- Zara

And last but not least, this maxi dress from Zara is the perfect casual dress to wear at the beach or for a day out with friends. It’s simple and basically effortless. 

5 Maxi Dresses to Love/

Do you like these dresses? Which one is your favourite? 


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