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A Modo Bio

Last week one of my friends told me about a new organic eatery she discovered in Rome and since she knows that another friend of ours and myself love eating healthy and are really into trying all the organic/vegetarian/vegan places we can find, we decided to go check it out.

When I was in Toronto, the organic trend was in full bloom and healthy cafes and restaurants were popping up all over, but I didn’t realize until I came back to Italy last August that the Italians were catching up and were hopping on the vegan wagon as well! 

A Modo Bio is the name of the small organic eatery and the first organic take-away in Rome. Located in Via Tolemaide 11, it definitely catches the attention of the passerby for its yellow sign and the peaceful vibe that comes from the beige and white walls. 

A modo Bio

The entire menu is written on black boards and only fresh and organic products will be served. 

The girl at the counter greeted us in a cheerful way and then advised us on some of the best dishes to try. she said they couldn’t serve the veggie lasagna made with zucchini because zucchinis are not in season yet and when I asked for the anti-stress  juice she told me that coconuts are not in season as well so she suggested we’d have a vitaminico instead which is a mix of orange, kiwi, carrot and basil juice.

After a first look at the menu and after we came to the conclusion that we wanted to try everything, my friends set their minds on a vegan burger made with beans and a vitaminico and dimagrante juice, while I went for the vegetarian cous cous topped with a green sauce and a vitaminico juice. 

A modo Bio

We enjoyed our meal very much and when we went to pay, the girl at the counter told us about some events that they organize once a month. For more information on the events check out their Facebook page.

I know that I enjoyed going to this take-away place and I was pleasantly surprised since, as I said previously in this post, I had never seen this kind of eatery in Rome. 

If you ever come to Rome, check out A Modo Bio and let me know what you think of it!


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