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Snow Days

Snow Days

Snow Days,

They told me it rarely snowed in rainy Vancouver, but they definitely didn’t know that this year would be an exception.

February is known as the romantic month and we all know why, but I also like it because it’s the very last month before Spring officially begins. 

This year I thought I would begin dressing in pastel colours a little earlier than usual, especially after seeing this top displayed at H&M.

I decided to go with this look as an example of my go-to date night outfit after Adore Me, a New York based lingerie company made me think of what would be the perfect look to go out and feel myself in.

I love simple and classic looks for a night out, and a black pair of jeans with high heeled boots and a statement top make the perfect combination for a low-key date night.

With online dating being the way most of us find their significant other these days, I think that as a first date you don’t want to and shouldn’t overdo it in the fashion department, even more if you’re just meeting for a coffee. So why not try a simple yet effective look to catch your love interest’s attention?

I hope you all have a happy February and happy Valentine’s Day!

Snow Days

                       Top: H&M, Coat: Zara, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Asos, Bag: Furla

Snow DaysSnow DaysSnow DaysSnow Days

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