El Furniture Warehouse

El Furniture Warehouse

As Fashion Week opens its doors in New York for their third day of shows, here I am in Toronto typing away on the blog, eagerly waiting for the next video to be uploaded on the NYFW website, and in the mean time, I blog.

For this post, I decided to share some of the photos I took last weekend in Toronto when I went out with my friends. We met at El Furniture Warehouse located at 410 Bloor st. West. This joint is the perfect place if you’re looking for a fun and friendly spot to meet up with friends and listen to good old music. 

What makes this bar such a catch is the fact that everything on the food menu is priced at $ 4.95 and although you might think that the price is too low for them to be serving good food, think twice before snobbing this place and scratching it off your “must-try places in the city” notebook. The food is in fact served in normal size dishes and it’s very good. They do put a lot of thought in what they do, the servers are friendly, nice and always ready to help. 

When I went there with my friends I had the quinoa and green apple salad. While my friends had wings, burger and fries and nachos. Everything was delicious and we enjoyed our time laughing and being goofs as usual. 

El Furniture Warehouse

El Furniture Warehouse El Furniture Warehouse El Furniture Warehouse El Furniture Warehouse El Furniture Warehouse

The El Furniture Warehouse is so creative that even taking a shot becomes a real fun experience. If you go in the bar with a group of friends and you want to take shots together I suggest taking them while standing up and holding a ski while you swallow your shot. Just like the girls in the picture above are doing.

El Furniture Warehouse El Furniture Warehouse

It was a great time, I had missed those moments of pure, simple and effortless bliss. You know that saying “friends are the family you choose?” I believe it. 

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