Happy birthday sis!

We’re already in March, can you believe this? It feels like time has been passing by even faster than usual and while another month has come and gone, today it’s a very special day for a very special person for me. My sister turns 15 years old today! This is the first birthday of hers that I get to spend with her after three years. One of my biggest fears while I was in Canada was spending time apart from her, losing her teenage years and not being able to keep that close relationship we once had. Fortunately things are going well and we’re closer than ever. Obviously she has her typical teenage moments and we fight and scream at each other like sisters usually do, but then we make up and everything goes back to normal, like nothing ever happened. So I wanted to take up some space on the blog today to wish my sister a very happy birthday!

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We’ve been through a lot together and although she probably thinks I’m a party pooper most of the times, always giving her unwanted advice, opinions and telling her what I think she should do, I hope she knows that I annoy her for good reasons, I give her advice because I love her and I want her to be the happiest she can possibly be in life. I’ll always be there for her and to protect her.

Happy birthday sis! I love you 







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