Happy Birthday What Erika Wears!

Where's the Fall?

This is probably going to sound cheesy, but,

Happy Birthday What Erika Wears!

One whole year has past from the day I decided to create my own blog. What I love about blog anniversaries is the fact that, as the years pass and you see yourself still posting content, still sharing your life with the public, you realize how much hard work goes into this project. You’re not simply a blogger, you’re a content creator, your own editor, photographer, writer and copy editor. 

This is my first blog birthday and I’ve been so excited to share the news these past days, before today, because I realize now how much having a blog and keeping it up do date has taught me how to be responsible and consistent with my work. It’s helped me to squeeze my mind to find new ideas for posts and I consider it my personal journal, a scrapbook where I keep all my best photos and the fashion pieces I’d love to own one day. 

Everything has changed in just one year, but one thing has stayed the same in my life, and that’s this small space called What Erika Wears. 

Here is a look back at some of the shots taken during the past year:

midiskirt5 (1 of 1)

First post I published on back in July 2014 when I still didn’t know if I wanted to keep working on it.

portperry5 (1 of 1)

That day we visited Port Perry in Ontario

Vanessa and I

Reunited with my family in Italy!

Where's the Fall?

Artsy photos on the beach

Beautiful Places- Spoleto (1 of 1)

This shot is and probably always will be my favourite photo I ever took.

 Beautiful Places: Spoleto

Teenage dream or... nightmare?

Louis Vuitton 10

I was so excited to see this Louis Vuitton exhibition in Rome!

photo diary: Road trip to the mountains

One of my last posts before coming back to Canada.

Best Summer Spelt Salad

I was never a big cook and probably never will be, but I like to eat healthy and what I did develop in Italy was a passion for baking and gifting my loved ones with some sweetness.

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