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In Wonderland

In Wonderland

This week has been a busy one. It  was all about work and same went for my friend a.k.a. the WEW photographer. This is why it took us so long to shoot photos. Our job is not the regular 9-to-5, this means that when we’re working we’re probably going to be away from home for at least 1 whole day and since we have different schedules sometimes we go without seeing each other for a whole week! 

In Wonderland

In my perfect world, I would be able to do all the things I want to do because sleep wouldn’t be necessary. I wish it were true in this world as well! Sometimes it feels as if the days go by so quickly that I am running after them trying to get at least one thing done and not even that chore gets completed. 

But slowly everything gets done and here I am writing about this new dress.

This Ted Baker skater dress ( I know, I know, I am a little obsessed these days with this amazing brand!) gives me Alice in Wonderland vibes. I love the colour and the shape of the dress. It’s romantic, feminine and elegant. The three elements I always look for in every outfit I wear.

As you can see we went all out with the Alice in Wonderland theme by adding a bunny necklace and bracelet. For some reason it just made the outfit cuter and perfect for the shoot.

We also decided to go with a metallic and shimmery look. Since the dress is so plain and simple we thought, why not go all out with the makeup? I think it ended up being a great choice!

This dress could also be added to the Holiday looks thread. I will be coming out with more posts and ideas for the Holiday season very soon! Meanwhile stay tuned for the Irish posts that will be invading this site! I’m leaving in just a week! I can’t wait!

What do you think of the dress? 

In WonderlandIn WonderlandIn WonderlandIn WonderlandIn WonderlandIn WonderlandIn Wonderland In Wonderland In Wonderland In Wonderland In Wonderland

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