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Out of my comfort zone

Goodbye Summer

This is probably going to be one of the last summery outfits of the year. I am officially on a weather strike!

At night it gets chilly out, but during the day the temperature is still in the 20s. Besides the bipolar weather though, I have finally taken the pictures I need to sign up for my driving license! I know, it’s probably nothing special, but for how I see it, being able to drive and not having to ask someone to drive you all over the placesΒ is a big thing, especially when you live in a country where you need a car to get anywhere. Even the closest supermarket is too far…

Anyways, moving on, today’s outfit is a little different from the usual. I love the shoes I’m wearing, I got them a while ago, but never had the chance to wear them or the right set of mind we could say. I think these shoes are so beautiful, but I always found them to be too much out of my comfort zone. I never wear kitten heels, I either go for flats or for high heels. There’s no in between with me, but today I felt like trying something new and this is the outfit I came up with. I wore a red blouse with no sleeves. I love the red and black combo, but I didn’t want the look to appear too harsh and boring so I lightened it up with a statement necklace and these lovely kitten heel pumps.Β I’m also wearing a purple flower shaped ring and purple earrings.

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye Summer

Goodbye SUmmer

I almost forgot to mention that I’m wearing red lipstick! and it’s worth mentioning because I never wear red lipstick! I’ve always thought that I didn’t look good with it on, but since I dyed my hair black, I like how it looks on me more. This is definitely an out-of-the-comfort-zone kind of outfit for me for sure!

Now,my question to you is: What do you think of kitten heels and red lipstick?



Blouse: Similar here

Shoes: Primadonna (similar here)

Lipstick: Aerin

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