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Sunday Look: Summer BBQ

Sunday Look: Summer BBQ

Another Summer season is about to end this year too and although we can already notice the days ending earlier and people going back to work after taking their well-deserved summer vacations, we can still spend these last Sundays of August having BBQ parties and having fun with our friends and family. 

Here I came up with a very simple, Summer look for attending a barbecue party. Just throw on a pair of cute shorts, a simple top, a pair of flats and a cute cross-body  bag and you’re ready to go out and have fun!

My go-to stores for cute and simple pieces are usually H&M and Zara, whenever you need a basic piece of clothing these two retailers are there to help you! 

Sunday Look: Summer BBQ

Top: Zara, Shorts: H&M, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Bag: Furla

I usually like to spend more on expensive accessories than clothing when it comes to my fashion choices, I think that an expensive bag or shoes elevate a look way more than a skirt or top would. But don’t get me wrong, I love to wear quality clothing, I just think that accessories have a powerful force in making a outfit look more expensive than it actually is. 

What would you wear to a Summer barbecue party?

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