Sunday Look: Airport

Sunday Look: Airport

Airport style is probably the trickiest look to create and perfect. If you’re going to the airport you’re probably going to be wearing your clothes for many hours and inside the plane the temperatures can be pretty low, so I suggest wearing a comfortable pair of jeans which you know won’t bug you while you’re sitting in your seat for a long time and bringing a sweater on board with you. For the bag, I usually pick a medium or large size tote, so I can put in it all the things that I think I will need in order to pass my time on the plane faster. For the shoes, I think the perfect pair to wear are boots or flats. Casual boots with a chunky heel are not only comfortable, but they are also stylish. What I suggest is to wear a pair of booties and then when you’re finally on the plane and sick of wearing them switch into a nice pair of flats. These are the ones I got last year and I love them! 

Sunday Look: AirportSweater: Modern Citizen, Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Aritzia , Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Bag: Shopbop

What does your airport style look like? 

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