The Best Outerwear for Fall 2015

the best outerwear for fall 2015

Rainy days call for a day-in, drinking hot tea and reading a good book while wearing a comfy sweater, but when you can’t do that, the best way to still feel positive about the grey day ahead is to stay warm and feel confident in what you’re wearing even if it means you might get a little wet. 

I personally like hearing the rain drops knocking against the window glass when I’m at home, it gives me a feeling of calmness and peace, but I do hate going out when it’s raining even if I’m dressed with the best waterproof clothing and shoes. 

Unfortunately Summer has come to an end this year too and we’re now facing the rainy and cold weather of the Fall and Winter months. This year to stay warm though, I’ve decided to come up with a round-up of the best jackets to wear this Fall 2015 season. 

I’m a coat lover and a sucker for long, oversized and flowy clothing pieces. Here are some of the best jackets and coats to get inspired by. 

The Best Outerwear for Fall 2015

The best outerwear for Fall 2015Madewell: Monsieur Coat, Oversized Sweater Jacket

The best outerwear for Fall 2015 Zara: Coat with Central Zip, Long Cardigan

The best outerwear for Fall 2015 Anthropologie: Parklette Blanket Coat, Ferryside Linen Trench

The best outerwear for Fall 2015 Free People: Drapey Wool Vest, Slouchy Boyfriend Jacket



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