What to wear: Holiday Dresses

She Believed She Could, So She Did

Holiday Season has arrived. Today it’s December 2nd so it is indeed time to start thinking about what we will be wearing for all the parties and celebrations to come!

What to Wear: Holiday Dresses

This year I’m all about sparkly and colourful dresses, sequins, embroidery, lace. You know the saying: “less is better”? well, forget about it during Holiday Season. More is better in this case. So here are a few of my suggestions for the upcoming festivities. 

Classy and Simple: When you want to dress up, but you still want to keep your simplicity in check, here are three dresses that are classy and simple, feminine and minimalist. 

From left to right: Kate Spade, Ted Baker, Sandro Paris

What to wear: Holiday Dresses

Sparkly and glittery: As I previously said, this season I’m very into the sparkly and the glittery dresses. These are the perfect dresses to wear for this Season especially for girls, who, like me, usually prefer to dress in a more simple way.What do you think of these three dresses? 

From left to right: River Island, Nasty Gal, Zara

What to Wear: Holiday Dresses

Lace and embroidered: Some of my favourite dresses are lace ones. They just look so classy and feminine. I particularly love this Sam Edelman dress and this Maje. Lace is a delicate fabric and must be handled with care. Every girl should have a lace dress in her closet, just like an LBD. The perfect lace dress is definitely out there! I’m on a hunt for it!

From left to right: Ted Baker, Maje, Sam Edelman

What to Wear: Holiday Dresses


What do you think of these dresses? What will you be wearing this holiday Season?

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