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Valentine’s Day gifts to yourself

My mother was the first one to teach me how Valentine’s Day is not about only one type of love, I remember waking up and coming into the kitchen after getting ready to go to school and finding on the table a teddy bear or a stuffed animal and a package of my favourite chocolates. She did this for my father and my sister as well and I was always so excited to wake up on Valentine’s Day to that sweet surprise waiting for me.

I’ve always thought of myself as a very romantic time of girl, waiting for the perfect person to come along and sweep me off my feet. And in those romantic thoughts there was always the idea of celebrating Valentine’s Day in the best way possible with Mr. Perfect, well, these thoughts have changed in time and without realizing at first, I now know that I really don’t care much about celebrating Valentine’s Day with the significant other, in fact, I’m happy with myself and if one day I’ll meet my other half then that’s great. but I won’t be sighing and crying over myself because I don’t have a boyfriend. This is why I prefer to think of Valentine’s Day also as a day to celebrate yourself and the people you love who have always been part of your life no matter what. Here I rounded up a few items that are perfect gifts for you and the girls in your life.

Valentine's Day gifts for yourself

1. Ever and ever heart and arrow Cuff and Partners in crime charm bangle– Kate Spade

2. Semi-sweet chocolate bar eye shadow palette-Too Faced

3. Monogrammed mugs– Anthropologie

4. Chats Gift box– Laduree

And how about this beautiful romantic lace dress from Anthropologie? Perfect for a date with your bf or with bffs!

Valentine' Day gifts for yourself

Poema White Lace dress– Anthropologie 

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