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It’s all about the right timing

It's all about the right timing

 It's all about the right timing

It's all about the right timingIt's all about the right timingIt's all about the right timing

Do you ever stop and think: “what if I had done things differently?” 

I often do.

Even though I know that I did make the right choice, sometimes I can’t help myself but wonder what if I had chosen a different path for my life? 

But then again, things also happen for a reason and sometimes you’re forced to make specific decision for your wellbeing and sometimes it’s about making the right choice at the right time. 

It’s all about the right timing

This Summer has been a very grey one in Toronto with lots of rain falling down on the city at least twice a week if not more. So wearing a blazer/ light jacket during the day has been a no brainer. Trust me, I love wearing jackets, they’re so cozy and cute, but sometimes when you’re waiting for Summertime way too eagerly you just don’t want to have to carry a coverup with you everywhere you go.

I got this Calvin Klein jacket on my last trip to the States with my mother and my sister. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it! It’s the perfect cross between classy and cool.

I styled it with my new Furla Metropolis bag, which is such a special little thing because the flap is removable and it comes in many different colours so that it feels like you’re always wearing a new bag. I got the body Petalo (white) and the flap in amarena (fuchsia.) There are so many different designs and colours it’s hard to choose between!

also every season Furla comes out with a few new styles.  I can’t wait to get a new flap for my bag!

I’m slowly trying to incorporate more colour into my personal style because I believe lately I’ve been relying too much on black and darker hues and my creativity has been suffering. I’m too comfortable wearing all black ensembles and it might be because I’m used to wearing a uniform for work and it’s easier to put together an easy outfit when I’m off duty than putting effort into it which is exactly what I don’t want. I don’t like to feel comfortable and predictable, I have a tendency to boredom.

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