What to wear: Airport attire

“What should I wear for my 10 hour flight?” This is one question every girl has asked herself at least once if they are seasoned travellers. I know I have and often still do, but since I now consider the airport as a second home I have a special uniform (pieces that I rely on) that helps me get through the flight feeling comfortable and relaxed.

I will usually keep it very simple. A pair of pants (not jeans) and a long sleeve shirt are ideal, but I do recommend bringing a t-shirt as well since you never know what the temperature will be like onboard. I take an oversized bag as my carry-on and I fill it with skin care products that I know I will need to keep my face hydrated during the flight, magazines, my laptop etc.

What to wear: Airport attire

1: Sweater: I’m loving the embroidered look right now and an embroidered sweater is a simple and cute item that you can wear on the plane when the temperature in the cabin starts cooling down. This H&M sweater is definitely going to be on my list the next time I go shopping

2: Pants: I used to wear jeans on the plane, but I realized after flying so often that they can be pretty uncomfortable especially when your body starts to bloat in the air. These Topshop trousers  are loose enough to keep you from feeling tied up like a sausage.

   3: Handbag: I like taking an oversized handbag as a carryon instead of the regular suitcase on the plane so that I can keep all my belongings under the seat in front of me and I have easy access to everything I will need during the flight. It’s also much easier and faster to take a bag out from under the seat than from the overhead bin when deplaning. This Stella McCartney bag is the perfect size and it’s also lightly structured so it will fit well under the seat.

4: Shoes: I used to think that running shoes were a girl’s best friend when on a plane, but recently I’ve discovered that flats and sliders are even better. Your feet won’t be confined in a pair of closed shoes for a long time and they will able to breath. These Franco Sarto sliders are exactly the pair and style I’ve been looking for to wear on the plane next month.

I love to travel and feeling comfortable in such a small space is vital for getting you to your destination all in one piece. 

What about you? Do you have a special look you always wear when travelling? 

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