Life update +A ‘60s makeup look

Life update + a ‘60 makeup look

This past week has been a pretty stressful one! My computer broke and I now have to go buy a new one. With Christmas right around the corner !😔 oh well! What can you do? This is why this post is probably going to seem a little different from my regular ones. I’m writing it on my phone, one thing I’ve never done and in all honesty it’s something I need to get used to. 

Im thinking of getting a MacBook Air, I was told that it’s the best one for people who travel a lot and have to keep it in their suitcases. I had a MacBook Pro and basically what happened is that it somehow got bent and the central board got damaged. Which means that the brain of my computer is not working anymore and that’s why it keeps crashing. I have two options: I either replace the brain of the computer, which is one of the most expensive parts or I buy a new one. The second options seems the best one so I’m going to go try and find a new computer this week. I can’t wait to finally go back to blogging on a regular schedule!

Life Update + A ‘60s makeup look

Life update + a ‘60 makeup look

I’ll try to post as regularly as I possibly can, but bear with me! 

I decided to take this time to show you a new makeup look inspired by the ‘60s that we are thinking of using for the next outdoor shoot. It should be coming out soon, but in the mean time here’s a peek at this new makeup look. 

Life update + a ‘60 makeup look

I love a nice winged eye and this one is particularly strong. The eye makeup catches your attention right away and to make it a little more feminine and romantic we decided to add a pink eyeshadow. We added some blush on the cheeks and hight light on the cheek bones and on top of the eyebrows.

Life update + a ‘60 makeup look 

For the lips we decided to go for a darker shade of red and we started by lining the lip using a pencil and then filling it with a red lipstick. 

This is just a peek of what is about to come. For the complete makeup look you’ll have to wait a little bit longer!

Life update + a ‘60 makeup look What do you think so far?


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