Valentine’s Day 2013 Column

Goodbye Summer

I remember spending  my first Valentine’s Day in Toronto with my friends, we went to see “The Vow” at the movie theater and then had a nice dinner together. In those days we were a group of four and we were pretty much all single, so it made sense to spend it together and have fun any way we could. In February 2013 I wrote my first Valentine’s Day column for the college’s paper, which was also a community paper, called The Scarborough Observer. I wrote this piece on my own, but divided the opinion page with my other friend. She wrote about the traditional side of Valentine’s Day, having a boyfriend, spending the day with him etc. while I decided to write my part from the perspective of my alter ego a.k.a. Bridget Jones! I loved writing opinion pieces, that’s where I can give space to my imagination, be creative, speak my mind and tell you what I really think without having to be too objective, although a pinch of that never hurts either. So if you want to read my Valentine’s Day 2013 column, you can find it here:

valentine’s day opinion


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